DanielsFor more than 10 years, Noah Homes has developed a strong reputation as a trustworthy and reliable builder of high-quality custom designed homes. Our customers often express their appreciation in writing. Read their testimonials below:

Since we've been married we have dreamed of building our dream home. We looked at other builders homes and even obtained quotes but we kept coming back to Noah Homes. Walter impressed us with his "people friendly" attitude.

Walter gave us great ideas and wowed us with his attention to detail. Our house was finished on time and to our complete satisfaction. All of the staff at Noah Homes were pleasant to work with. If you’re looking for quality, great customer service and 100% satisfaction let Walter at Noah Homes be your builder of choice.

Mike and Jodi Daniels

After deciding to move back home from Kingston we had started looking around at some of the different builders in the area and quickly realized that the quality and craftsmanship of Noah Homes was second to none.

What made the building experience incomparable was the personal attention from Walter, Karla and Joanne and the attention to every minute detail from start to finish.

All of our questions and concerns were always given immediate attention and we always felt like we were Walter’s number one priority. We appreciate the fact that we were kept informed and treated like an important part of the process throughout the entire process and we were always welcomed on the site to see progression of our home.

Without question we always highly recommend Noah Homes to anyone thinking of building or buying a new home. We would like to extend our thanks to Walter and his team for all that they did to make our homebuilding experience a pleasurable one and will definitely be calling him if we are to build again in the future.

Brent and Heather Pillon
Pinetree Court

PetersonMy wife and I first met Walter Branco in 2005 while looking through a model home that had recently been built by Noah Homes. We had been looking for several months at other homes and builders in the Kingsville area. We where immediately impressed with the design, workmanship and overall quality of Noah Homes. We felt completely at ease from the onset with the real estate agent to the final discussions of our building plans and contract with Mr. Branco and Noah Homes.

We had thought that going through the home building process would be a nightmare but we were pleasantly surprised that, in fact. the whole building experience was a great one. The allowances in the contract for flooring, cabinets, lighting etc. were very generous. We were extremely impressed with the workmanship and overall quality of our Noah Home. Walter continually came up with new innovative ideas while also incorporating some of our unique thoughts and our every dream was realized in our new home.

Walter Branco and Noah Homes are professional, courteous and above all, honest. Their superior quality and workmanship are unmatched in our minds and I would recommend Noah Homes to anyone that is looking for custom home building at affordable prices.

We have lived in our new home for over two years and have had very few problems with warranty type work and when we did, Mr. Branco and Noah Homes immediately came and fixed the problem. I will say that Noah Homes stands behind their homes. You can’t go wrong with Noah Homes.

3 Peachwood Drive,
Kingsville, Ontario
Bob and Audrey Peterson

Some years ago we bought a lot in Kingsville, intending one day (upon retirement) to build a house and move here from Toronto. Over the span of a few years we also looked at buying a house in the area and selling the lot. Eventually, though, we decided to build. A number of people recommended Noah Homes, so we thought we’d talk to them. We were very impressed with Walter, Emily, Joe and Fatima and liked the homes they showed us a lot. We looked at dozens of photos and went to visit homes Noah had built and were building, including Walter’s own house. Walter and Emily also encouraged us to talk to the people they had already built homes for. After viewing perhaps 20 houses, we were still impressed with the design and especially the workmanship that was demonstrated by Noah and the positive feedback from other clients.

We signed on with Noah to build our house in 2011. During construction, I (John) lived nearby (Harrow) and visited our construction site almost every day while Katie still lived in Toronto. Walter, the tradesmen and the suppliers were all very cooperative and encouraging, making sure we got exactly what we wanted. Not only were Noah Homes and their own employees terrific, all their sub-contractors and suppliers were too (stone, cabinetry, flooring, granite, windows, closets, bathrooms, everything). It was clear from the start that Walter and Noah were conscientious about doing top-quality work. Although the process was, as expected, a little stressful, it was exhilarating as well.

We wouldn’t have believed the number of decisions that needed to be made during construction, but it was a custom build and Noah helped all the way with advice and a detailed timetable about when decisions needed to be made. Despite dire warnings from friends in Toronto about the pitfalls of building, we found the experience with Noah to be as smooth and as pleasant as possible. Everyone at Noah made us feel that their office was a home away from home – we were always welcome. We moved into our house in August 2011 and are delighted with the result. We love it!

We would not hesitate to recommend Noah to anyone thinking of building in the area. Thanks for helping make our escape from Toronto a wonderful experience!

John Carruthers & Katie Thorpe
1322 Patricia Blvd.

Please accept this testimonial as proof of my sincerity and appreciation for Walter Branco and the Noah Homes Team for the workmanship they displayed for my new home in Kingsville.

I was told by my lawyer that when building a new home, one either fights with the bank or fights with the builder. Although I had no issues with the bank, I would have to say that the above statement could not be further from the truth. Never did I expect to have my family treated with such respect and dignity during the building of our ranch home. Walter actually encouraged us to spend time at the site to ensure that everything was going as WE HAD planned. I personally witnessed Walter remove a contractor from the site due to lack of respect toward my wife.

The entire building process was enjoyable. From the first meeting to the handing over of the keys, and every detail in between (and there were lots) Walter continues to be of service some two years after closing, when he really doesn’t have to.

Further, the work of his trades was remarkable. At no point could I not speak openly to any of his contractors and truly have their undivided attention, and to me, this was comfort in knowing that Walter only uses the best contractors available to him.

As a point of interest, Walter’s pride in his work actually changed the face of my home half way through construction. Walter was not completely satisfied with the original design and brought it to my attention, working out a fair deal for both of us to gain the elegance that he envisioned, the gift of foresight that he has been blessed with.

If you are looking for a contractor that holds quality, creativity, attention to detail and sincere pride in their work, look no further than Noah Homes… you won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, it is important to note that I not only received an incredible home for a fair price, I also gained a new friendship in Walter.

Thanks Noah Homes!

Christopher B. Lewis
Kingsville, Ontario